My wife talks to herself.

My wife talks to me.

I have written.

Humidity is low.

Someone agrees with me.

Someone changes my mind.

College football begins.

There’s cheese dip.

The words come easy.

The words come at all.

I don’t have to shave.

We have Doritos.

The bathroom is clean.

Abe gets excited.

Ben throws the ball.

Ben catches the ball.

Ben hits the ball.

Ben kicks the ball.

Ben shoots the ball.

My favorite underwear is clean.

I run farther than last time.

Quinn says things that start with “f”.

Quinn says “sireworks”.

The coffee is ready.

Anna runs.

Jason sings.

The iPad is charged.

Mom tells a story.

Mom tells the story again.

And again.

And one more time.

Merrie Cannon dances.

I play “soldiers” with the boys on a Tuesday morning.

Bob Schneider sings.

Grace is shared.

Grace is shown.

Grace is received.

The Bible reads like a love story.

We eat together.

The leaves change.

The kitty litter is new.

The kitty disappears.

Someone gets the joke.

The air conditioner is on.

The air conditioner doesn’t have to be on.

The grass is cut.

The grass doesn’t have to be cut.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

The apple makes good decisions and doesn’t fall at all.

Bethany hugs me.

Anna Beth laughs.

I don’t get razor burn.

Quinn says, “Daddy.”

I learn from teaching.

Mom calls.

The beer is cold.

The meeting is canceled.

The tank is full.

The stall is empty.

My socks match.

The air is cool.

The toilet paper is soft.

Someone raises their hands in worship.

The Commodores win.

The coffee is brewing.

Merrie Cannon wants to sit in my lap.

The pillow is cold.

Strangers laugh.

I pray.

The alarm is not set.

The kids find a frog.

The bills are paid.

The Nilla Wafers are crunchy.

Bacon is being cooked.

Bacon is being eaten.

I rub her feet.

My father in law talks about football.

I reconnect with friends.

I pull into the driveway.

West Wing reruns are on.

No one else is at the pool.

A child is adopted.

The ceiling fan is on.

Ben tells a joke.

Scotty and I talk.

Christmas music plays… In February.

The project is approved.

The kitchen is clean.

Bethany smiles.

The check is in the mail.

The check is in the mailbox.

The check is in the bank.

Someone says, “great work.”

I know the answer.

I understand the answer.

There are no answers.

Tomorrow is not planned.

Abe prays.

The Tylenol kicks in.

White space is appreciated.

Poems don’t rhyme.

I leave.

I get home.

I write.

Merrie Cannon dances.

Friends do great work.

Other people are happy.

That’s just a few off the top of my head. Most of my conversations lately have been about things that suck. Sometimes it's good to remind yourself that there are a lot more things that don't…